efrum the retarded rabbit (fuckchop) wrote,
efrum the retarded rabbit

greetings from connecticut

merry xmas. i hope you're all a bunch of jolly stuffed bastards by the end of the night. i haven't had the internets in almost 4 days :O i'm currently on adam's cousin nick's computer because we're at his aunt's house for xmas dinner. we've just been hanging out with his family for the last 4 days. it's pretty warm here for this time of year. too warm to snow :(

also, one of my first xmas gifts of the day was getting MAULED BY A DOG yep. adam's aunt gave me some cheese to feed the dog and said "he'll love you forever, just give him this" and i did. then the dog growled loudly and BIT MY FUCKING HAND. hard. i have official dog bites on my hand. the muscle on my hand fricking hurts and now i fear DISEASE. i've never been attacked by an animal before. they usually love me. >_< stupid dog. .....BTW that whole event scared the bejesus out of me. no wonder people who've were bitten as kids are afraid of dogs.

ok. anyway.....

can anyone give us a ride home from the airport wednesday? we get in around 4pm. we just need a ride home so we can pick up our car and drive to my moms to pick up our dog (who is NOT an asshole). i might not be on the internet again, so give me a call. 813-482-7662
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